Monday, 2 September 2013


What is success?  In our society success is often measure by how much money you earn, how many belongings you have accumulated and how busy you are. This has never worked for me. The more I have tried to earn more and get more things the less successful I have felt. The busier I become the more selfish, tired, grumpy and less successful I feel. The more I serve others, take time to smell the roses,  have time for people and just be, the more successful I feel.

indeed that is true

Success is Knowing............
  • People come before things or programmes or functions.  
  • My children love me 
  • My family is happy and fulfilled
  • My talents are being used to bless others
  • I am a better person than I was yesterday
  • I can rise above negative situations
  • I can give my best no matter what the outcome
  • Someones day was better because of me
  • I can learn from my mistakes
  • That failure is success when we learn from it and not let it defeat us
  • I am wonderful even when others think I'm not
  • creating something new that wasn't there before
  • That little daily occurrences make success. Like learning to ride a bike
  • That it is O.K. to have bad days because we can't recognise the good without the bad

  • A.Einstein
Success should be measure by the values we live and the people we love and the way we live.  

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