Friday 27 September 2013

Artists I love

I love looking at other peoples work.  It is inspiring to see how others work,  what art they produce and what inspires them.  

It is great we are all different and unique and that we all look at things differently.  It makes the art world a wonderful and diverse place. 

These are some of the wonderful textile artists I love.

Moeder by Colette Berends - textile art

Moeder by Colette Berends

Annemieke Mein

Annemieke Mein

Early Snow 7 by Lorraine Roy

Early Snow 7 by Lorraine Roy

David Taylor's quilts

David Taylor

Moonglow by Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor
Karen Kamenetzky -  Life Goes On IV

Karen Kamenetzky - Life Goes On IV

Hollis Chatelain - Textile Artist, figurative art textiles,, African grandfather and child

Hollis Chatelain

Anne Lullie: Gallery 1- color play

Anne Lullie: Gallery 1- color play

Hilde Morin

Hilde Morin

Melody Johnson quilt

Melody Johnson

More of my favourite quilts and artists are on my Pinterest board stunning quilts.

Go to

Put in search pinners Catherine Parkinson (I have the most followers) and Look at my board stunning quilts.

 I couldn't get the link to go straight through to my board as It would only come up with my actual board for pinning not the one everyone else could see.   Sorry!!

Come and see some other amazing work  which I promise will inspire you.

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