Thursday 12 September 2013

My quilting studio

My studio was beginning to resemble the local dump or refuse station.  It seems to be the place where everything goes with no home or  things that are needed later that can't fit in the house.  I have in there at the moment carpet, 2 spare beds, the recycling,  some old bottles my boys found under the house,  the cat cage, a desk I had been waiting for someone to help me put up and lots of bits bobs and pieces.

This week I have had enough!!! I spent a few day cleaning it out and reorganising the furniture so it works more efficiently.  It is really important to set up your space to work for you.  Everyone works so differently and can work in quite mediums so it would mean everyone's studios work differntly.

I work in separate work areas wet, dry, reading and sketching  and book work.  I also have to have a rest each day since I have a large family and would burn out too quickly if I didn't.  So Some of my needs in my studio are a rest area, somewhere to read and sketch, a paint area,  a quilting area and a desk.

I have had a desk that I wanted to use but I had never put up before.  I had asked both people in the house who had put it before to help me but they said they couldn't possibly remember.  I gave up after asking them 5 times and figured it out on my own.  It took a while but it is done.

It feels great to have a tidy space again and one that isn't filled up with junk zappy energy.  I think this has been one reason that my creative flow has been zapped a little lately by the mess.  It has much better flow and the areas I need a much better defined.

I have made a little reading, sketchbook and hand work nook by the door.  As we go into summer I will have a nice cool area to sit and work in in the afternoons.

I have opened the space up a bit and made it easier to get around furniture.

I have put all my art sketchbook supplies in one corner so I am not walking backwards and forward to much to other areas of the room.  I have also made up the bed that has been stored in here so I can use it when I have sickies or when I need an afternoon cat nap :)

So I think I will celebrate my achievements this week with a well earned play with paint and texture!!  

Have a great day!!!!!  I will be :)

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