Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Taking a break from creating art: It can be so helpful

I have had such a wonderful but very busy 2 week school break with the kids.  We managed to get away for a few days to the beach (and I swam in the ocean for the first time in April!!)  I have had two children at the A&E,  we have hiked,  been to a party, done gardening and just spent time being. It has been full on but really lovely.   Needless to say my blog,  Facebook page and studio time has been rather thin on the ground.  My mothering duties have taken precedence.

3 of the children at The ANZAC day (remembrance day) dawn parade

I have had a chance to make 10 cushions (the fabric wraps are now gone!!) a canteen bandanna picnic blanket and I have started a crocheted Afghan.  It has been lovely to do these things with children helping me and while they have been snuggled up beside me reading. I love winter for those lovely snuggly moments and cosy evenings. 

Holidays are so wonderful.  I love taking a break for a wee while to recharge my batteries.  Taking a break is a great way to gain new focus on what is important and what direction your life needs to take.  I have to take a break from my art work at times too just so I can see more clearly where my work is heading and what direction to go to next.  I used to be scared of breaks that somehow I would get 'behind'  or get out of a habit.  But I have found that a break is actually can be very beneficial.  The trick is to only do it once or twice a year and to take only just the time needed and no more.  I find 3 weeks a good time.

Why take a break from doing art?

  • It recharges the batteries.  More energy is gained from having a rest.
  • It helps to refocus on where to go next.  Sometimes we get so focussed on here and now we loose the bigger picture. By having a change of scenery the picture can become clearer and brighter.
  • It helps to clarify what is important and needed.  Stepping back can also help to see what priorities are important in your work and routines.  I have realised how much I need to draw each day and to also have time just to create and play.
  • It allows other things to get done.  It is a chance to get Gardening, reading and the deep clean of the house done.  With less clutter in the brain creating is much more enjoyable and free.
  • It gives a chance to rest the brain.  Being creative all the time can sometimes be quite tiring :) Creativity requires the brain to be switched on and thinking constantly.  Resting just give time for the brain to recover.
  • It helps to meet needs of other people close to you.  Family and friends can sometimes feel a little excluded  if you are switched on all the time to creating.  It has been so wonderful just be be with the family and not to worry about deadlines and new ideas.
So don't feel guilty about having a rest form creating.  It can be just as good as being in the studio today.  

It's nice to be back
 Love Catherine xxxx

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