Thursday 14 May 2015

Quilts in the news

It is great to see quilts getting recognition in the news and on-line. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Although there are only 5 quilts on-line from this challenge "lest we forget" ( which was open to all New Zealanders and Australians) They are worth a look at.  
                                                                       anzac quilts

My entry "Remember"

Here is a link for the  True Blue challenge being held in
Melbourne,  Australia and the Australian quilting convention.There are some beautiful art quilts in the competition.  

A quilting company in USA has won small business of the year.  A huge achievement and great to see quilting getting good recognition in the business world. To read the article press the link below.

The quilt museum has beautiful quilts on display.  Although not all the quilts are on-line there are many photos on there web page. 

Nelson is host to  a national textile show. This link below take you to the new press release of the show.  If you are in the Nelson area it would be a great exhibition to visit.  Closes 6th June 2015

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