Tuesday 26 May 2015

Using time wisely

I haven't really felt like posting over the past week.  Sometime life just needs quiet times alone to work through things. 

I lost a friend last week from cancer.  She was only 24 years old.  She has a beautiful wee girl who is 2 and a devoted husband.  She showed me grace and dignity in life and death and proved to me age is not a barrier to maturity.  I will really miss her sweet smile, infectious laugh and peaceful spirit.

 When she passed away my priorities seemed to change overnight. I had a paradigm shift.  

What is a Paradigm?  It is when You see something differently after new information 
is given to you either through an experience or through verbal discussion.  

I started thinking about how we would cope as a family and what I would do with my time if I or my husband only had a short time to live.  How would things change in my home and in my life?  How would I feel about my use of time?  

What would you do differently?  
What would you do the same?
Who would you spend time with?
How would you spend that time?

What really is important?

  • Time with family.  They grow so fast and people's lives are fragile and you just don't know when they will go.
  • Putting people first. 
  • Using time to make wonderful memories
  • Viewing time as a precious and wonderful blessing
  • Helping and serving others.  Isn't that what we are all here for?
  • Sharing ourselves
  • Being creative
  • Loving and caring for people
  • Gaining and applying knowledge
Remember it is the small and simple things that make a difference.  The small things is what life is made up of not big things.  The simple everyday I love you,  hugs,  smiles,  a chat with a loved one, a game of monopoly,   snuggling on the sofa with your grand-kids or children and a book,  a walk in the rain or painting in the studio. 

Have a beautiful day with your loved ones 
making precious and simple memories.

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