Wednesday 16 May 2012

Analysing studio spaces in home

Last week we looked at how to find  place just for you to work on your art/craft/quilting work.  It is important to have a space whether it is a table in the corner of a bedroom or a full room.  It is wonderfully liberating not to have to put away and get out a  project every time you want to work on something I find having an area of my own allows me to create more and to finish more projects and who doesn't want that. 

Last week I left you thinking about 2-3 areas in your home that could be possibilities. So how do you choose which one will be the best for you and your families needs? I found the best way was to answer a few questions about the spaces I was considering.

  • Is there space for all the stations you need?  Remember last week we talked about what those stations could be.  I decided I needed a 
  1. Administration area/ and my computer
  2. Sewing area
  3. Product and design development
  4. Art area-wet and dry
  5. A teaching area
You might only need a sewing area or a place to draw so your area could be quite a bit smaller than mine.

  •  Are you able to store all your supplies in this location?  If you can't could you store your supplies in near by locations?
  • Is there enough room to maneuver past the area?
  • Do you have privacy?  It is hard to get full privacy in a family home but even a screen or piece of furniture next to your area can give a wee bit of privacy from the rest of the house?
  • Can you make the area protected from little fingers or pets?  If you have a room to call your own, a door does this nicely but if you are in a family area this can be a little more challenging.  Again you could try a screen or could you find a piece of furniture that hides everything away when finished.
  • Is there separation between any business traffic and family life? (for those wanting to have a business at home)  It is good to have work space and personal space kept apart.
  • Does the area work for you and your family?  There are some great locations for a studio in my home but my surprisingly my family needs bedrooms and spaces of their own :)
  • Is there enough light or could your create enough light?  Thank about task lighting and overhead lighting.
  • Are there enough power points?  It is surprising how many times I have set up myself and then gone to plug in my sewing machine and thought oh no, no power point!
  • Is there water near by for easy clean up?
  • Is there enough heating or ventilation while you are working in your studio?
  • Does the flooring work for your type of art?  This could be easily fixed with a rug under the table for warmth and a piece of vinyl rolled out for wet work. 
If there area you are looking at ticks most of the boxes
it will probably work for you. For those things that don't work for you ask yourself

· Can I make this work? IE If no natural lighting can I put in some artificial lighting that would work?

· Can I live without something? Do I really need as many stations as I am wanting? Could I combine areas?

With a bit of thought and creativity a lot of areas can work surprisingly well.

Next week we will look at how to use the space you have to its best potential


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