Monday 7 May 2012

It's the first Sunday of the month and time for the kindness chronicles.  A few of us each month write a blog to talk about the kind things seen or done each month.  Please feel free to join us and write a blog of the kind things you or someone else has done each month.

  • The top of my list this month ......I lost my mobile phone at the mall and a woman found it and is posting it back to me for free.  Boy am I so thrilled.  the phone isn't worth much,  I only use prepay but it is all my contact lists and personal details I need back.  I am so very grateful for her kindness this month.
  • Second on my list are the wonderful kindnesses my family have shown each other this month. What a great bunch of people they are
  • My son doing his sisters animal jobs because they had busy days
  • the same one helping his sister with the chickens as the job was really big
  • Comforting each other when someone was sad
  • My husband letting me move his desk yet again so I can have a bigger studio
  • My husband staying up till 11.30 pm last night to make sure the Internet was up an running for me again so I could start blogging again.  An amazing act of kindness seeing he had to get up to milk at 4:15am this monring.  Thanks babe.
  • My daughter at university sending an e-mail to her brothers to tell them about university and how much she loves them
  • My daughters offered to babysit for a couple with no family nearby
  •  I was able to listen while someone shared a personal major problem 
  •  Picking up a person which was out of my way
  • Ran an errand for my hubby when I was very busy
  • Picked up library books for someone and delivered them to them
  •  Looked after my sick boy

Have a great month serving and
being kind to others and help
make our world a better happier place


  1. That's a great list! I'm happy to report that I did a much better job this month of finding ways to serve and show kindness. :)

  2. beautiful Catherine! it's those little things that really do matter sooo much.


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