Tuesday 29 May 2012

A new studio

Well I have a studio!  It has taken a lot of work and planning.  I have decided on a part of my lounge.  It is large, light and warm.  It has good ventilation and great windows. 

I spent quite a few days drawing and sketching up my plan.  I was quite a challenge as I was not only sorting out my studio but also the dining room and lounge and my husband's office.  I had to re do the plan quite a few times till it would work.

I needed to find home for a variety of different furniture and spaces. 

I also had to make sure the whole family was happy with the changes or at least live with them

This is my plan.  Starting at the top left and moving around the room clockwise
I have a ironing corner,  next to that is a painting area (where the drawers are penned in).  Then I have my bookshelves and tall storage in between them.  Coming down to the foreground I have placed a partition and book shelf to separate the space from the dining room.  My husbands desk is tucked in behind the partition.  I have a sitting area to draw, visit and read.  Behind the couches I have a small office area.  Going up the left side I have a storage unit and a sewing area.  In the centre of the room I have more storage and table space.  I will eventually replace this with a large table and new storage.

I have taken photos of the studio as is.  If I had waited till it was clean you may not have seen any photos for a while :)  So this is my fully working space mid design process. 

Drawing a plan of a room to scale helps save so much time and energy.  I only had to move the furniture once and I knew it would work. 

After the furniture is all in place take time to use the space and evaluate how it is working.  Spend a few weeks doing this to get the feel of the room and to give yourself a chance to use each area.

The wee little office

Most of my room is working well.  I just have a small problem with light in the middle of the day at my sewing table.  I have full sun in my face so I am just working through a way to solve this. 

The sitting area

Re evaluate every couple of months.  It is amazing how much time can be saved while working by just moving one piece of furniture or haw much back back pain can be resolved with a few block under table legs. 

Ironing board next to the sewing table which has been so handy.  I have never had that luxury before.

Paint supply area.  Having all the wet stuff together has saved so much time.

A very used and loved art table

Art work in progress

Lovely neat shelves and a place to put all the long storage



The sewing area 

The design wall and partition into the dining room

For now this space is working for me.  I will continue to re evaluate regularly to make sure it is still a functional space. 

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