Thursday 12 August 2010

Budgeting for art and craft work

It is getting harder and harder to make the pennies stretch and when I have to choose between Groceries or art I will always choose the groceries. How can I still do my art in this present economic situation.

Over the next few weeks I am going to present different ways to save money in art work. I have found a few great practical and easy ideas on how to do this. For the third week of our journey I am going to look at ways to save on costs in .........


  • Read,  read , read.......Go to the library.  Read as much as you can.
  • Buy books that teach techniques or take you through a series of workshops or lessons.
  • Find an artist who would be willing to mentor you.  This could even be done long distance thanks to the Internet.
  • Form a art group so you can learn from and teach each other.
  • Experiment with objects and equipment you already have.  I couldn't get or afford many different surface design equipment used by many artists overseas so i used children's art equipment instead and have learned to use them through trial and error.
  • Read articles on line
  • Find magazines that teach contemporary techniques.  Ie the quilting arts magazines.
  • Research other art form other countries online or in books.
  • Go to exhibitions.  Sketch and take photos of others work and analyse their work.
  • Get others artists in your field to critique your work.  Learn from their critique.
  • Enter Art/quilt competitions.  For small fees good critique can be given on your work.
  • Take opportunities to go to workshops/lessons/lectures.  Sometimes these can be given for free or for a nominal cost if you belong to a art association.
  • Belong to an association  that supports your type of art work.
  • Visit museums

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  1. I absolutely love your post!! It is people like you who willingly share how and where they get their inspiration and knowledge that not only helps to support this industry but truly helps struggling 'artists' to open up their minds in other ways.
    I look forward to your future posts!!


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