Friday 27 August 2010

photography-Getting up close and personal

I love capturing the details of flora and fauna.  The teeny tiny stamens,  droplets of water and the veining of the petals.  It takes be back to children's T.V. show Sesame Street  when they would show the viewers part of the object and you would have to guess what the object was.  I loved the challenge it brought to my sometimes very bored brain and I loved to see up close the details that so often we miss by doing the daily grind. 

When taking photos up close you need to use the close up button on your camera.   To get even closer a macro lens would be useful.   They are very expensive.  The other option is a attachment that connects the front of the lens to the camera (i.e reversing the lens around).  I went for a Macro lens attachment that screws onto the front of my cameras.  It doesn't come as close as a macro lens but it is still very good.

Frost on a leaf

When doing close ups try taking the photo from different angles,  different distances and different parts of the subject.

A camelia

A rose

Centre of a lily

Centre of a lily

Palm leaf

Droplets of water in pine needles

Veins on leaf

Try taking the photos outside and inside using different positions of light.  Try taking outside photos at different times of the day,  in different types of weather and in different seasons. Try taking close ups of man made objects and other subjects.


  1. I think the pine needle picture if my favorite. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Catherine Love your photographs. I wondered please what camera you use.
    cheers Rebecca in Wellington

  3. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for your lovely comment. I use a Cannon EOS 350D.


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