Sunday 22 August 2010

Sickness muses

Well I'm back after a rather nasty dose of the swine flu.  I have never been this sick before.  I must say I am very sick of my bedroom and have much more empathy for those who have long term illnesses.  This bug had me laid up for 8 days in bed (no mean feat when I have 5 children)  and still not fully well 13 days later.  But I have had some very valuable thoughts and learned some wonderful lessons

  1. Job is a saint (not sure who Job is check the bible)  I don't know how he got through all he did and lived to tell the tale
  2. As much as the prospect of being bedridden sounds wonderful when life gets on top of you,  it isn't what it is cracked up to be
  3. That I can still have a sense of humour after vomitting so many times
  4. That when you think you have reached your limit that you still can handle more
  5. Having so much pondering time has helped me plan out at least 10 more quilts
  6. That my family is wonderful.  Even my 6 year old was able to help me through such a rough time
  7. That teenagers have feelings for others........They were both very sympathatic and gave me much loving service
  8. That the trees I see from my bedroom window look different throughout the day depending on the light that is cast on them...hmmm maybe a nice quilt series
  9. That a lot of life relies on those trees for shelter and protection
  10. That I am missed when all is said and done
  11. That I have been given a wonderful spouse who worked full time, juggled kids and kept the housework up.
  12. That swine flu helps lose weight (not a reccomended technique for weight lose though!)


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