Saturday 29 January 2011

sketchbook challenge

I have added more to the sketch I did on the 23rd of January.  lyric Kinard suggested some pen to the leaves of the tree.  As soon as I read her suggestion I realised what was missing from the sketch.

This is the original sketch.      

This is the updated entry

More definition in the tree really helped balance this entry.


  1. You've done many nice pieces. Yes, the tree is now complete. I hope this tree is in your yard for it is beautiful.

  2. No unfortunately. It is an a park on a volcano in Auckland, New Zealand. One of my my special places I visited a lot as a child.

  3. I have you on the 'paintpage' now as well as a couple of other fiber artists and I hope you will re-visit and check us all out. The New York Times just did a terrific article about the adventure(s) to be had in New Zealand and I know it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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