Wednesday 1 June 2011

Sketchbook challenge: Flowers and leaves

This week I have been experimenting with wonder under, paint and crayon. It is so much fun. 

Let me show how I did the pages.

Thin down acrylic paint

Paint the thinned paint over the wonder under/Vlisofix and leave to dry.

Using thick acrylic paint in 2 colours of your choice, load a foam brush. 
Lightly paint over the surface of your page. Leave to dry

Choose 4 different tones of crayons in the colours of your choice.  Start with the lightest toned crayon and draw leaves randomly over the page. 
Using the next lightest coloured crayon add more leaves randomly.

Add the other 2 colours of crayon again drawing leaves randomly.

Paint a thin wash of colour over the page.  I chose a khaki green

Once the wonder under is dry draw the shapes of the leaves over the backing paper. Cut them out

Lay them on the page until you are happy with the layout.  Iron them onto the page. Peel off the backing.  Remember to use a protective Teflon sheet when ironing other wise all the wonder under could stick to your iron.

The wonder under leaves aren't sticky once they are ironed.  They stick nicely to the surface of your page.  They are transparent and are a little shiny and give added texture to the page.

These are another 3 pages I have done using this technique.

Have fun experimenting!


  1. What a great post. Love the demo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's absolutely amazing! Thanks!

  3. So cool! I can't wait to experiment with this--I'm planning to make a few gifts today (darn last minute!!) and this technique could make them really unique. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glad it's been of help. Good luck with the gifts. I know what you mean about last minute!!!!! I've been there done that so many times.


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