Saturday 9 July 2011

Elements of photos

One good way of photographing larger objects is to take a small portion or part of it.  This is also helpful when collecting information for art work.  A smaller section of something can have a lot of interesting detail and can be a great photo or art inspiration.   There are 2 ways this can be done by zooming in and out on your camera or cropping the photo on a computer.

These following photos are of a shipwreck in the
Nelson area at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. 

End view of wreck

Slightly angled view of wreck

Whole wreck side on.

Cropped photo of detail of the side of the wreck.  Cutting out the sky and the sand changes the focus of this photo.  The rust and shapes made by the elements become more visible and interesting.

Photo of the end of the wreck.  The silhouette of the boat is more in focus. 
I like the light moving through the wreck in this photo.

A slightly different angle of the boat.  I would have Loved to take more different angles but I wasn't able to get onto the wet sand as I kept sinking.

By cropping out  a large proportion of the boat and some of the sky and sand this photo is balanced and shows the detail of the other end of the boat.  This is my favourite photo.

A close up of the rust and shell of the wreck.  This would be great use as inspiration for surface design on fabric.

The 'ribs' of the wreck and what we thought was part of the anchor.

Close up of the front of the boat.

Another view of the front of the wreck.

Seeing things form a different perspective can be very interesting and give more
dimension to the photos that you take.

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  1. Some good shots, looks like it's been there for a long time.


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