Tuesday 19 July 2011

Quiling projects

I am still merrily working on my Poppy quilt.  The deadline has been and gone thanks to a lovely dose of the flu.  Ah well there will be more shows to enter.  

The top is finished and is waiting to be quilted.  It has been a very challenging quilt to work on.  There were many technical difficulties and design difficulties which I have never faced before. 

Here is some photos of the quilt top.  The poppy is painted. 

The edging is a stamp of barbed wire

The right hand section is photos of all my ancestors who served in wars.

The photos took a long time to manipulate to the right colours and size and then to print onto fabric.  I hoping to stitch crosses all over the photos. 

So today's job is to start the quilting.  (once I have cleaned the studio of course!)


  1. This is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to your family. Hope we will see it again when it is finished. Hope you are back to your 'bouncing' self after the flu.

  2. Amazing Catherine! What a cool idea.


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