Tuesday 5 July 2011

Todays ramblings

I have a deadline at the end of the week for a quilt and last night my 2 boys came down with the flu.  ( I knew I needed to start this quilt earlier!) so today I have spent time juggling mother roles and my art work.

This quilt has been so hard to get together.  As I mentioned in a post on Wednesday 15th June

'I am going through a quilters block at them moment.  I have lots of O.K. ideas but not much that I am wanting to actually make into a art quilt.  The more I draw the more I feel uninspired. Why do I feel like this? '

I have drawn so many versions of this quilt and done so many colour ways that my head was beginning to round and round.  In the end I just decided to start it and see how it turned out.  Even this method has proved challenging.  It still has taken a while to get the top finished.  I have never have had this problem before.  Normally once I get moving on a quilt it just seems to happen and progress organically.   But a miracle occurred today a quilt top has been formed!!! (thank goodness)  I still have a portion to add when I am finished the quilting but the rest is done.  (I'll post some photos later in the week)

Now onto quilting patterns.................where do I start?

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