Saturday 3 September 2011

Photography this week

I love the way insurance companies work........

  • First they ask you what you had stolen?  
  • Then  the details of it ie brand,  model,  The costing, 
  • When you bought it? Where you bought it?
  • and after you have spent 2 hours of your time hunting for all the information (per one item for the privilege of having some low life invade your privacy) they ask you how can you prove that you owned the first place
  • and how do you know that was the brand and how do you know that was the costing if you have no receipt?
And it is so expensive for insurance in our country too.  My frustration levels are boiling over.  This is all because so many people aren't honest with insurance companies in the first place and try and bleed them dry with their dishonesty. So if you are honest no one will believe you any more.

I was lucky with my camera that I had drawn a sketch of the model in question.  I think the insurance lady was flabbergasted that I had proof with a sketch.   Maybe she hasn't come across that one before :)

Thank goodness for the sketchbook challenge!!!!!!

Well I finally gave them enough proof, I am now a owner of a Canon 550 D twin camera kit.   I am in heaven and in love.  It is such a beautiful camera and a really lovely piece of equipment to use.  There are so many features that have improve since my model (which was a 350D)  Ahhhhh!!!!!! just wonderful.

These are some photos I have taken this week on my new baby!

The detail is wonderful.  Hope fully thins week I will get more time to play!!

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