Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sketchbook tutorial

Finished page :Unfurling browns and golds

My sketchbook page today started different to the way I have been working over the past few weeks. 

First I put watered down glue onto the page from a seed report book.  I smeared it all over with my fingers.  FUN!

I then tore up small pieces of scrapbooking paper and stuck them all over the page.  I love using text on my page as a background as it adds a wonderful texture to a page.  I layered glue over the top of the paper to keep it all flat.

I smeared red brown, mid brown, and chocolate brown all over the page, until I was happy with the effect.  I took a towel and wiped a little paint off in selected areas to see more of the papers underneath. I used a circle shape and a flower stamp in the wet paint for added texture.

When it was dry I printed part of a flower stencil in yellow brown on the page and added a tear drop cookie cutter print in brown red on the page.

I used gold paint on a commercial flower stamp.  I love gold paint!!!  The took some sequin waste and using a stencil brush I added more texture with red brown paint.

I used the stencil brush around the edges of ta maple leaf stencil to create more texture.  I used red brown and mid brown for this.

Using a mixture of gold and red brown paint I stencilled a curly flower over the top of the page.

Finally details were added with a gold pen.


  1. Beautiful Catherine. I love that you've changed up your approach. Variety is the spice of life. Thanks for sharing you process in the gorgeous tutorial. xx

  2. I've just been scrolling down through all your sketchbooks and loving the layering look and then to read this post and see all the work that goes into those layers- wow!

    And good luck with your time management - I need a revamp too.


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