Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sketchbook tutorial

Today I want to show you how I have created this sketchbook page.  I have done this sketchbook page with the theme unfurled in mind......the unfurling of layers.

This Page has quite a few layers in it to get the depth of colour and textures. 

I used a old seed catalogue of my husbands.  I thought this fitted in really well with the theme and also was great for recycling and for the pocket book.  I glued 2 pages together as they needed to be thicker to take the acrylic paint I would be using. 

I squirted blobs of 3 colours of paint on the page.  I wanted to create an analogous colour scheme so I used yellow and red to get a third colour orange.  The white was added to create tints within those hues.  Using my fingers (lots of fun)  I spread the paint around the page

Using a palette knife I pulled the knife over the surface of paint to reveal some of the page underneath. 

I then took commercial stamps I have and pressed them into the wet paint.  this added extra texture into the paint and revealed more of the original magazine layer underneath.  I then left it to dry.

Next I took a cork and pressed it into white and yellow paint and stamped the cork over the page.  using my finger I blended the circular shapes into the page.

I took a lid of a container and dipped it into red paint and stamped that down the right hand edge of the page. I blended it in more with my finger.

Next I used a flower stencil and red paint all over the page.  Over the top of the page I printed a flower in white paint.  I had to this a couple of times as it was too transparent to start with.  Then I let it dry.

Using a white Inktense pencils I sketched some more white on the background and used water to blend it in.  Then I took a white pen and drew around the flower and drew white spirals on the background.

I added sliver pen over the white pen to give an extra shine.  Then added a silver box around the flower (this is hard to see) 

I love how the layers unfurl the more you look at this page. 

This is another page I have made using this same technique. 


  1. These pages are stunning Catherine. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I love learning how your process unfolds. It's unique and beautiful. xx

  2. Very nice and so good of you to show us the process. I like both and normally lean to red but the green is just marvelous.

  3. Lovely. Thanks for sharing that.

    I looked for you at the APQG on Sat but I must have missed you. We will have to catch up sometime, seeing as we are almost neighbours!

  4. Thankyou all. Having so much fun with this way of doing pages.

    Rona I don't go to the guild meeting as I have young children still and my husband is a dairy farmer and works 7 days a week. One day I hope to take more of an active role : ) Where do you live?

  5. Thanks SO much for the tutorial. I'm glad I finally made it to your blog!!! Keep up the great work.

  6. One day maybe after school is done I want to try this. It probably won't look as cool as yours but it would be fun to experiment.

  7. Hi Catherine, I live in Onehunga but my Mum is in Takanini so I'm down your way frequently.

    email rona.keith at gmail etc. or leave a message on my blog.


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