Tuesday 18 September 2012

'Failed' fabric

Well you are all probably wondering where I have been over the past month?  Between a few Internet problems,  family challenges,  sickness and taking time to smell the roses :)  my blog has unfortunately been the one thing I have had to put aside.  Life does get like that some times.  It just takes over and things that aren't top on the priority list have to be put aside for those things that are more important for that time.  I think important things change too.  Sometimes I have to take priority and other times my kids or parents take that place.  It is all about management of time and working out what to say yes and no to so that some sort of normalcy is kept in our lives.

I have been condensing my sewing supplies.  They have metamorphosed into a monster out of control (many of you will know what I mean)  Just how many cotton reels or pegs does one need :)  I was forced into this job when I realised my boys were ready to go back to drawers after having a box for their clothes for the past 18 months.  So my 2 drawers in my sewing room had to be returned.   After a week of work my room is sorted.  I ended up with a giant box to give away and 3 rubbish sacks of rubbish (where does it all come from?)   During my clean out I found a lot of fabric I had made that  I now didn't really want to make into anything.  the thinking cap went on....what could I do with this discarded fabric? 

Questions I asked myself
  • Can I get all this fabric to work together?
  • Can I make contrasting blocks that work cohesively?
  • Will the varying textures of fabric be compatible?
  • Will I be able to create a work of art from discarded and "failed fabric"?

 I decided to cut all the fabric into strips and to make some striped patchwork blocks and take the chance to see if this could work.  There was nothing I could lose (apart from fabric that I couldn't use any where else)

 Patchwork isn't really my thing but doing it like this with no plans and no precise cutting was rather liberating and dare I say it......fun.  I have been making on every day to start the creative juices flowing.

What to do to make your own fun blocks from "failed fabric"?

  1.  Straighten up the edges of the fabric
  2. Cut into strips varying in widths.  I made mine between 2cm and 6 cms.
  3. Cut to the length you want them.  I had 2 lengths so I can have 2 different sized blocks
  4. Throw the strips into a container
  5. Pick out any colour and stitch it to any other colour of fabric.  Don't choose the colour pick it randomly.
  6. I put approximately 8-9 strips per block but you could choose any number you want.

A couple of complete blocks
The effect with all the blocks next door to each other.
I love the uniqueness of the blocks and how spontaneous this process is.  The next question is how am I going to put these all together?



  1. What a fun way to use your "extras". I look forward to seeing how you put together the final product.

  2. Paint it! That's what I'm going to do with all my bits - one day...

  3. Interesting post !! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I think you can also use those strips in making gift boxes :).
    Box Designers


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