Monday 3 September 2012

The kindness chronicles

"I want to be kind to everyone 
for that is right you see
so I say to myself remember this
kindness begins with me"
(song from the children's song book at our church)

I love this song.  It was one of my favourites as a child.  It helped me remember that I can't make others be kind to me but I can always be kind to others.  Too often in our world people spend time finding fault with others and blaming others for the communities problems without making any effort ourself to help the community. One way we can simply help making changes in our communities and families is to just be kind in our attitudes,  comments,  acts and serve others.  

This months acts of kindness I have seen
  • A teenager getting up and doing jobs around the house without being asked when I wasn't feeling well.  This was so wonderful for me that I didn't have to do any washing, dishes, or cleaning for a whole day.  Just bliss!
  • A motorist giving way to a cue of cars who had been waiting for quite a long time in road works.
  • Someone phoning me to see if I am feeling O.K.
  • Receiving a compliment on my character from one of my students in my marriage class I am taking at church.
  •  My daughter taking care of a friend who had a concussion injury.  She watched and didn't leave her alone for a few hours so she would know if she needed any help.
  • My daughter had the guts to tell friend she was concerned about her drinking.
  • My husband taking a chicken to the vets because of how upset the children were about it getting injured
  • My son seeing I needed help and just getting to work and doing jobs that needed doing.
  • A friend stepping in on an awkward situation and assisting to help sort it out. 

Challenge for the month: 

 I challenge you to do one thing kind everyday this month and to record it.  

Let us make the world a better place one act of 
kindness at a time


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