Tuesday 25 September 2012

Left over fabrics-make a quiltlet a day

I have found another way to use those pieces of fabric, scraps of batting that I can't use for big projects.....playing card sized free machine quilting practice pieces. I have cut up fabrics and batting a card size.  Then every morning I sit at my machine a quilt it in what ever way it takes my fancy.  I use those reels of thread that have only got a little left on them first.  This sometimes means the threads don't match the backing but that's OK as it pushes me out of my comfort zone with colour ways.  I get surprised at how well some colour schemes actually work. 

1. Cut up scraps of batting a similar size.  Mine fit in an ice cream container for easy storage

2.  Cut up bits of left over fabrics or "failed" fabric a similar size to the batting rectangles

Chose a variety of fabrics to work with.  This makes it more interesting and challenging.  Add a a backing.  I use off cuts of my backings from other quilts.  Use plain colours or surface design fabrics to quilt on.
3.  Quilt a little quiltlet a day
Experiment with shapes and colour

Make a journal entry for the day
Practice swirls,  geometric shapes and faces

A testimony quiltlet
Experiment with contrasting unusual colours

Try cross hatching

combine a picture and patterns.  A wee owl on a branch
Put patterns onto other shapes
It is amazing how much you can improve each day just with a little practice.



  1. I've just been tidying up leftovers from my latest finish including those annoying long narrow strips of batting I never quite know what to do with (have stuffed teddies with it at times) - this is way better! My longsuffering DH is quite sick of me sitting behind that machine, but at that size my "daily fix " could be achieved quickly lol. Will definitely try out, yours look great! Just thinking, if they are greeting card size, they could get used at Christmas.... (I'm not into traditional cards :D )

  2. Sounds like a great idea for cards. Hmmmm I might have to try that for Christmas this year. I would love to see some of your cards. Let me know when you have some finished.

  3. I made three simple test cards - have a look what you think:-) With some more exciting fmq I can see some potential :-)


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