Tuesday 2 October 2012


Do you find that that you have lots of bits and pieces left over after a project?  I always end up with strips of quilted bits,  bits of stuffing, and lots of left over fabrics.  They all look wonderful so I never want to throw them out. 

When I do a scrapbook page I use all the left overs for making cards with or saving for the next page.  It never seems that easy with material yet it can be.  The last 2 Mondays I have shown you two ways to use left overs.  One was to make little patchwork blocks and the other to make a quiltlet a day to machine quilt on.   What other ways can we use little bits of fabric and left overs?

  1. Make new fabric from little bits and pieces. 
  2. Mini quilts
  3. To applique onto larger material
  4. To crazy quilt into larger fabric that could be over dyed or printed onto or appliqued onto
  5. To gift to children to use for their many artistic projects.
  6. Collect all like coloured bits and pieces ad put into jars for future projects
  7. Cut into snippets and iron onto vlisofix for backgrounds for quilts
  8. To catch into pockets on a cushion or another project
Over the next few weeks I will go into more details on how left overs Can be used. 

How do you use your left overs?

I love to hear from you! So please leave a comment so we can collect more ideas!!

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