Thursday 18 October 2012

Photography this week

We spent a few days on Palmerston North last week.  We had a wonderful time with our daughter.  It was so nice to see her and see her so happy and settled.  It is wonderful to see our children grow into independent wonderful adults.

While we were down there we we visited a wind farm. It was a spectacular day,  cool but sunny. 

I took photos for different angles to show how tiny they looked from a distance and how huge they were close up.  It was a wonderful trip.

This could be a great stamp or stencil

Can you see the kids behind the car.  They simply were huge.  A good way to show how big something is, is to put a person in front of them to give it perspective.
A great day


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  1. I'm always blown away when I realize just how big those things are.


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