Thursday 25 October 2012

My beautiful sister

I am blessed to be a twin.  I have a twin sister who is such a delightful and talented lady.  She is always willing to give a hand,  to talk with me,  to be a friend and to dedicate her life to serving others around her.  She is a great example of love to everyone she meets.  Her life sometimes (I can hear her saying "only sometimes" :)  can be very challenging but she rises above the challenge and still is there for me and alot of other people around her.

Today I want to show you some of the special things she has made for me.  Sue is a very talented doll maker and needle woman.  It never ceases to amaze me what she can do with a needle.

This is a free form embroidery she made for me.  I love the colours and patterns she has created.  Every time I look at this I am reminded of autumn.  I can recall us both crunching in dry leaves (actually I haven't grown out of this yet.  I still love it!) together in the autumn and throwing them up over our heads.

This wee teddy is a little fairy ted.  I love it's little halo.

I love the wee face

When we were growing up I made quite a few soft toys.  I loved Jean Greenhowe's stuffed toys the best.  Sue was the recipient of a horse I made for her which came complete with a saddle.  I think she still has it today.

When I first saw this doll I couldn't believe how detailed the face was.  I just love the open big eyes and the luscious lips.  Sue had asked be what sort of doll to make so I suggested something out of her comfort zone.  She loves browns and neutrals so I gave her the challenge to create a doll with lime green and fuchsia.

She found it so hard to let go of the colours she was used to but said she would give it a go.

She really enjoyed making this doll and trying something new.  I think the fingers are incredible.  They are all individually wired and can be posed differently.

What I didn't know while I was pushing her into new colour schemes was that she was making her for me. When I saw her finished and found out she was mine I felt really emotional. 
It is such a privilege to be able to have this doll.  But more importantly is is a real privilege to have Susan as my sister.

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  1. Wow, the doll is really amazing, so kiwi looking with her jandals! You are so lucky to have creative sister.


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