Thursday 4 October 2012


My sketching has been quite spasmodic over the past couple of months.  I am really missing it but I am struggling to find the energy to do it.  So I have decided that I need to simplify how and when I draw and not expect so much of myself.  The task need breaking down into small manageable chunks. When I first of this idea I found it hard to think of breaking something down that was already quite a small project.  But after a bit of thought I found there was a few ways  I could do it.

  • Buy a small sketchbook.  It isn't so intimidating or hard to fill
  • Draw only part of something
  • Use water colours with a water pen so it doesn't take so long to set up or clean up
  • Use inktense pencils and then add water another day
  • Draw the outline of a sketch one day.  The next day add more detail and the third day add the colour
  • Draw a simple design and re work it in 3 ways
  • Go through the book and add colour to each page so opening the sketchbook isn't so intimidating
  • Break down the sketch into a few parts that can be come back to through out the day
  • Enjoy the moment that can be grabbed rather than worrying about the lack of energy or time.  Do what you can
  • To save time choosing a topic choose a theme to work on per sketchbook and stick to it. 
  • Plan the night before what you are going to sketch the next day.  Making a choice the day before saves energy thinking what to do the next day

How do you manage to fit in you sketch booking? 

Let me know I love getting your comments :)

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