Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Calm among Chaos

I am sitting here amongst a huge pile of boxes and 'stuff'.  I am very surprised what we have in our home.  I have already taken 2 full van loads to the charity shop and still I think we will be lucky to fit our house into one truck load.

I have finally packed my studio.  It took me 5 days.  I now know why my family roll their eyes when I bring someone's cast off's home and say I wonder what I can do with this.  I think what I can do next time is say "thanks, but no as I have no room to store it"   :)  I really didn't realise how many supplies I have collected over the years.

There were too many recyclables to count,  enough material to insulate my next studio, and so many fibres and threads I think I could make a Burma trail down the entire of New Zealand. 

I have discovered after this experience that some things are hard to pack.  How does one pack dowelling? free standing embroidery stands?  Dress dummies?  and how does one transport sewing machines with no covers?  antiques?  and large pieces of card?  (without getting them damaged)  

In the midst of this chaos though I am feeling pretty calm.  And how am I managing this?   I keep telling myself in a couple of months this will be a distant memory and all will be well.  The other big calming influence is that I am going to a workshop with Hollis Chatelain in one month.  I am so excited.  She is my favourite artist and I love her work.  It will be lovely to have 5 days of quilting after the move.  She is an amazing artist and so inspiring.  If you want to find out more about her you could visit her website below.


I'd best get back to the packing and keep thinking just one month to go!  Just one month to go! .....Just one month to go.


  1. Best wishes for a stress-free move. I think packing under duress is one of my least favourite things to do, so hopefully your calmness continues!

    And I'm so excited to be going on the same course as you! (still trying to organise a babysitter though) Hollis has to be one of my most admired artists and it's going to be great. Looking forward to meeting you too.

  2. How exciting!! I look forward to meeting you too.


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