Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I am supposed to be packing up my sewing room :)   The prospect is daunting to say the least so I thought I would spend a couple of minutes writing my blog this morning instead.

 I am sitting here contemplating where our world is heading.  I have just finished reading the news and cried for 5 mins as one story after another bought so much heart ache,  Shootings,  murder, natural disasters,  rape domestics.  I breaks my heart to see so many people suffering.  I think this is one reason why I choose to be creative.  Even though over the past few months my health and other commitments haven't allowed time and energy for a lot of art I am always being creative.

 There are so many ways to create something new.  Creativity allows me to gain more energy,  have something to look forward too and to allow positivity to happen in my life.  I wonder if these people that commit these terrible crimes had had an adult in their younger lives that taught them to be creative and to direct there lives positive way?  I wonder if they had would they have done the things they have done?  I don't know if any studies have been done on this but I would like to think that it certainly would have helped them to choose a different path. 

To be creative means to me to create something new that wasn't there before. So that is not too hard is it? So many people can't see they are creative is so many ways.  So often people tell me that you are so lucky to be 'talented' and that you are 'creative' like it is only reserved for a few people in our world.  My response usually is that every one is talented and creative.  No one is immune from this wonderful blessing. We just have to find and recognise our talents, practice them and apply them.
I love to cook, creating something from raw ingredients that is yummy is so satisfying.  It would be nice though if I could find something everyone in my home likes :)  It is a great way to be creative.  I love adding the "master chef" touch with garnishes,  beautiful presentation and nice dishes........well o.k dishes that aren't broken or chipped........ I do have a few!  It is nice to make something simple like mash potatoes into my own masterpiece. 

So how can we be creative every day if art isn't happening? (for whatever reason)
  • Cook-creating from what ever is left in the house before groceries are due to be done always brings out the best recipes
  • Bake and decorate what you bake.  Even fresh flowers look fantastic (make sure they aren't poisonous first)
  • Take photos of your family or the place you live
  • Blog
  • Write a children's story
  • Write a journal
  • Fix a bike
  • Go for a walk and soak in our beautiful world
  • Read a story to a child-try adding your own voices for each character.  My kids love it when I do this
  • Play an instrument or better still what a great time to learn one. 
  • Do a jigsaw
  • Read a book with a friend and talk about it. 
  • Do some gardening. 
  • Sort out your house.
  • Put up a picture
  • Make an arrangement of flowers or objects.
  • Groom a dog
  • Polish a piece of furniture
  • Brighten up someone's day with baking or flowers or a card
  • Make a card
  • Listen to someone
  • Do housework- not the most exciting chore but there is definitely some thing there that wasn't before :)
  • Throw painted balls at and old sheet outside on a wall
  • Prune a tree
  • Learn a poem
  • Make something from recyclables and masking tape
  • Surf Pinterest for some really simple and great ideas
  • Pay a compliment
  • Paint a wall
  • Teach a child a new skill-yesterday I taught my 2 boys how to make sushi.  We had lots of fun and it was yummy!
The list is endless.  When I think of each part of my day being creative the day seems to flow better and I seem to enjoy my day better.  It also helps me see niceness in a world that can be very negative.  Well I'd best go and be creative and box up my sewing room.

 Have a wonderful day

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