Tuesday 11 March 2014

Renovating the kitchen

I haven't fallen off the ends of the earth.  Nor have I disappeared into the back of beyond.  I have been renovating our kitchen.  It has taken days to sand, router and paint out kitchen cupboard doors. We had planned on putting a new kitchen in, but circumstances have changed so now I am painting and fixing up what we already have.  I have white nails,  arms and legs.  I am convinced they put magnets in paint.  If I use paint I end up with it all over me.  My husband on the other hand has no magnetic qualities on his skin.  He could paint in his best suit and not get a drop on him.

Our kitchen was a lovely orange and brown job from the 70's.  brown doors and and orange bench and a stainless steel sink top.  Just lovely!!!! (sense the hint of sarcasm :) ) So My job over the last few weeks has been to paint everything white.  

The lady next door lived here for 40 years.  She said they put the kitchen in, in 1974.  So it has certainly worked hard over the years and was due for well deserved update.

I cleaned,  sanded and under coated the doors.  Then I used an aqua enamel for the 2 top coats. 

Then I did the reverse side when the doors were clean.

I added a set of drawers in the kitchen for extra storage space and bench space.  This has made a big difference to the way this kitchen works.  I now can have the kids in the kitchen with me working.

The insides of the cupboards were painted and are now so much easier to clean than bare wood.

And they look wonderful

After a whole year I now have a hole for my fridge.  It has been sitting in the middle of the floor.  I feel like I have so much more space.  It is wonderful

I can't wait to have the doors put on and have my kitchen back together.


  1. There's nothing quilts like updating your kitchen whether it be painting the existing doors/drawers or just having new ones made.
    This is what we did 8 years ago to our kitchen "designed" in around 1952 - it looks so much better now. Hope you enjoy working in there when the doors are on and drawers in.

    1. They are on!!!!! I'll post an update in the next couple of days. They look amazing!!!


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