Tuesday 25 March 2014

Textures for backgrounds of art quilts

The foreground/subject is very important in an art quilt.  It is what draws the viewer in and  grabs their attention.  It is the main story or idea.  Equally important is the background of the piece of art, The background anchors the art, add more interest and draws the viewer in more. Its other job is to make the the subject or main focus shine.  

When creating art I spend as much time planning the main subject as well as the background.  It is so important to treat the art work as a whole. In my new series The small details of family life I have been creating different textures to use in the background of my work.  They will need auditioning but it is a good idea to have a collection of ideas to choose from when beginning a series. 

Large prints can be used with brighter colours.

Or very small prints with graduated colour.

A variety of colour could be used with a more subtle print.

A lot of subtle self coloured texture

or a far more prominent  design.

A mono chromatic colour scheme

A more bold scheme

Larger prints and swirls

Lots of visual texture created with stamps on the first layers and printing with textured card and plastic on the upper layers

A light an bright colour way

A more organic feel with more contrasting colours.

Which ever background is used it is important that that it enhances the main subject and doesn't take away from it.  


  1. I SO enjoyed meeting you today through Jennibellie's Studio! I love your textile work but have enjoyed perusing your blog site and all its treasures too! God bless you and your family with better health and wishful dreams waiting to come true! (((hugs)))

    1. Awwww Your'e so lovely. I'm glad you liked my blog :) God bless you too. xx

  2. Oh dear. I just cannot manage to leave a comment. Hoping this one works! If your getting have written rubbish, that'll be me. Am trying to say, love your backgrounds here. Like Von I found you via Jenniebellie. Nice to meet you. Hilary xx

  3. Thank you very much. I love different backgrounds too. they add so much to a page. Nice to have you with us xx


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