Saturday 10 May 2014

A beautiful handmade gift

I had a lovely surprise yesterday, I received a beautiful gift.  I love getting gifts.  I feel so nice inside.  I particularly love receiving handmade gifts.  I love thinking about the time and love that has gone into making the gift so special and beautiful.  

My friend Tracey is a very talented crocheter and she made me this beautiful crochet bag in colours I just love

It is a great size for all the bits and pieces I carry around.  

My bag is always bulging with art supplies,  water, techno things,  
bits and pieces of the kids and often confiscated belongings that should not have made 
it out of the house to church or other quiet activities. So it should fit everything I need.

The detailing is lovely with these little cute flowers stitched on the end of each handle.

The colours seamlessly blend and are well made.

Even the bottom of the bag is so cute.

Thank you Tracey for making my day so sweet and creating something for me I will treasure.

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  1. I'm pleased you like it and it was a pleasure making it for you. You have in turn made me feel good inside by featuring it on your blog. That was a nice surprise.


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