Friday, 23 May 2014

Cats and quilting

What is it with cats and quilting?  My cat has to sit anywhere I am working.  That's his favourite spot.  It doen't matter if I am sewing at the machine,  hand stitiching, painting or ironing.  He doesn't want a pat just to sit where I am.  Yesterday here was his favourite spots

On the quilt I was framing.  I pushed him off and jumped right back up.

On the sewing machine table.  Just before I took this photo he was trying to climb over the sewing machine while I was setting it up for the next project.

Then when he made himself comfortable he started to clean himself

He wasn't impressed when I moved him.

The next spot was the ironing board.  (I would have loved to know what he was thinking)  

Needless to say his next spot was out the french doors.  He found a cosy spot on the barbeque........right under my studio window.  :)

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