Wednesday 7 May 2014

Quilting with back pain

If you are like me back pain is one of the occupational hazards of quilting.  I get back pain from leaning over work,  quilting for long period of time,  Sketching/and designing on the go and painting.  It isn't pleasant to have aches and pains while I am doing something I love so much.  

Over the years I have found many things that really help me combat back pain and more importantly prevent it from happening.

Preventing back pain

  • Invest in a good quality adjustable chair which adjust in height,  lumber support and mid back support.  This is the best investment I have ever made to combat back pain.  This is one area of your studio that should have plenty of budget.  (mine comes complete with cat hairs :) )

  • Be concious of how you stand and sit.  It is amazing how many bad habits we pick up with out even realising. I tend to lean to one side onto the one hip that I didn't have pain in as a teenager growing.
  • Use a bench that is at the correct height for sitting or standing.  Which ever is your preferred method of working. Your elbows should comfortably rest on the surface in front of you in a right angle.  My kitchen bench is just the right height for standing up work.

  • Stretch daily.  I stretch when I wake up each morning.  This really helps with mobility and preventing pain.

  • If you work on the couch use a foot rest and lumber support  to support your posture.  I tend not use the couch for long periods of time as my legs are too short for our couches and this makes my back pain worse.  

  • If finances permit try and get a massage or visit a chiropractor every 3 months.  If you can't afford it there are some great massage tools available for a reasonable price that you can use on your self.
  • Take regular breaks from working.  I have a break every 1-1/2 hours just to walk around have a stretch and a drink.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Getting rid of back pain
  • A good soak in a deep bath with epsom salts in it or if you haven't got a bath soak a towel in hot water with epsom salts in it and put on the sore spot. 

  • Rub on a cream specific for back pain.  I love deep heat and arnica

  • Get a massage or chiropractor appointment
  • Stretch
  • Keep moving.  The more stationary you are the more ceased up it can get
  • Take natural remedies.
  • Use pain killers if needed and if the pain persists see a doctor.

  • And keep being creative and making art you love :) 


  1. I can relate, in spades, to what you have said above Catherine!
    My back is in a pretty bad way, for anyone else suffering I do hope they take note of all your tips here.

    1. I feel for you. I have had so many problems too. Take care and I hope it gets better. xx

  2. Those are great suggestions for people with such a condition. Back pain shouldn't be a hindrance to pursuits, which is why at some point, we should ought to be rid of them completely. There are lots of therapies that you can try and undergo at some point, just be cautious about them and consult a physician first. Take care!

    Vanessa Adams @ Oshawa Chiropractor


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