Wednesday 18 June 2014

New art work completed

After hours of painting, stitching and colouring 
'I'm watching you" is finished

This piece was started at Hollis Chatelain's  dye workshop in Auckland, NZ last year. The work was based on a painting created on an old board book with acrylic paints.

A leaf stencil was used to create the eyes.  The background is printed with a few different stencils in different 
tones of pink and red.

'I'm watching you'  was created on fabric using thickened dyes painted and printed onto the fabric.  

'I'm Watching you'  explores the idea of hiding in a space where a person can see out but not everyone can see that person clearly. 

It is about partial protection from other people and others opinions.

Being guarded without giving too much of the person within away to any one else.

Observing without being seen, taking in all that is around to see and hear.

Being careful to give only what is truly necessary. 

'I'm watching you'
28 cm x 52 cm

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