Thursday 17 July 2014

Art Work: Grounded


I have worked on "Grounded'  On and off for quite a period of time.  This beautiful tree is a Cabbage tree or Ti Kouka tree, a native of New Zealand.  It is found all over New Zealand.  It produces a small blueish white flower that attracts birds, moths, bees, flies and wasps.  

The roots of the cabbage tree are very strong and help stop soil erosion. They are quite resilient to wind,  wet feet and drier conditions.

I chose this tree to depict us standing straight and tall no matter what the conditions.  We can be grounded an firm no matter what is going on around us.  We can be who we are no matter how others treat us and we can still stand firm and strong.

In all parts of our lives we need to stand up for what we believe,  to stand up for our values and beliefs no matter what others believe in.  We need to chose the right and stand for the truth. 

Be grounded in what is important and what is truth and what is good.  Stand for the greater cause.


Art quilt
30cm x 65cm
By Catherine Parkinson

In private collection

Cotton whole cloth quilt
Painted and printed
Machine quilted
Self Binding

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