Friday 4 July 2014

Change..Good or bad : The journey of an art quilt

I'm sitting with my foot after a spider bite to my little toe area.  I went to bed with a slightly sore foot and awoke with a foot that looked like it was badly bruised and quite tender.  I thought I had kicked my foot against something and just not remembered doing it.(I have a habit of forgetting things)  But try as I might I could not remember doing that. As the day progressed the bruising and swelling increased and I began to wonder if it could be something else.  Sure enough after a trip to the doctors I have been bitten by an insect probably a white tailed spider.  Although it's not too painful this morning the swelling and bruising has increased quite a bit so it looks like a quiet day at home.  That's not a bad thing though, maybe I can get some drawing done after a 2 weeks of sick kids, broken appliances and to top it off a pole fuse blowing and having no lights or power to the garage for 24 hours.

Life can change our plans sometimes.  One small thing can lead to a change in direction, focus and energy. Change can seem like a negative thing but I think it is so good to look at things differently or view from another angle.  It helps to see through fresh eyes. So many good things have happened in my life due to an unforeseen event or through someone else's choices. 

Being an artist can be like that too.  I often start with an idea that metamorphosis' into something I hadn't planned or sketched.
When I started art quilting this would frustrate me and I would try to fight against the process.  Now I love the freedom, creativity and self expression that comes through just letting the process happen.

This piece of work started as a full portrait with lots of swirly hair...

And ended up with the tummy prominent with the baby taking the lime light.  As I work on a art quilt it often takes on a process of it's own.  The creative flow takes over and changes are made. 

This piece of work started with only 2 colours in the scheme and it was quite flat .......

I added a lot more value of colour than in the sketch and green was added a complementary colour.  It made it become more alive and have a lot more of interest to look at.

This sketch started with very smooth lines...

When I had painted the face I realised it needed more of my signature in it...patterning.  So the book became full of flowers and more  colours and value of colour to add more depth and interest.  

Changing small or larger details can make a significant difference and depending on how you look at it, it is a wonderful  and exciting journey. 

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