Tuesday 22 July 2014

Tutorial: An art quilt top from scraps

Tutorial: Scrap art quilt

  • One sheet of Interfacing slightly larger than the finished quilt
  • A selection of scraps of fabrics in chosen colour
  • 2 pages of an old book
  • Vlisofix/wonder under/ misty fuse or similar
  • fabric paint and metallic paint
  • A selection of printing stuff
  • A selection of stencils
  • Stencil brush
  • Roller
  • Batting slightly larger than the sheet of interfacing
  • Backing fabric which is slightly larger than the batting


  1. Cut a quilt top from white lightweight interfacing cut a piece of batting and backing fabric the same size

2. Rip a page out of a discarded book and iron it onto Vlisofix/Wonder Under/Misty Fuse

3.  Remove the paper from the wonder under then tear the printed page into small pieces

4.  Randomly place printed paper, a selection of scraps of different fabrics onto the lightweight interfacing. Try using some metallics, fibres and sparkly fabrics for added shimmer

5.  Make sure that none of the same fabrics or similar fabrics are next to each other.

6.  Use fabrics of different values, textures, tone and patterns for more added interest.  When you are happy with the placement iron into place.  

7.  Choose a colour of paint to match the fabrics you have chosen.  Use 3 different tones of that colour plus white. I have use a mid blue, teal, light blue and white.  Roll the paint onto the fabric using a brayer (roller)

8.  Choose a stamp and stamp it in a dark colour all over the fabric

This stamp was made from an eraser.

9. Paint a light paint onto bubble wrap and print randomly onto the fabric

10.  choose another sized printing sheet and paint a mid toned paint on to it Then randomly print over the fabric

Printed cloth

11.  Choose another stamp.  I have used a large cork.  They are great to print with and come in a variety of sizes.  Mix another colour of paint with a metallic paint and paint onto the cork.  Randomly print the circles onto the fabric.

I use Fastex textile inks for my work. 

12.  Chose the largest stamp/printing object you have and paint on the surface a light colour paint and print all over the fabric.

The finished fabric ready for stencilling

13.Chose a stencil that you like that can comfortably fit onto the fabric background 2-3 times.   I have chosen a simple flower of my own design.  Chose a contrasting colour paint or a paint that will stand out against the background fabric.  I have chosen a darker blue/purple.  Starting with the lightest paint apply paint to the centre of the flower then add a little more of the dark paint in increments as you head out to the tips of the petals.  Using different tones of the same paint adds more interest to the quilt top.

14.  Quilt the top in a variegated thread which ties in with the colours of the quit top.  I have chosen 3 different free motion patterns for the background (pebbles, geometric squares and lines) and a koru design for each of the petals.  When the quilting is finished add more colour with Shiva paint sticks,  textile felt tips, crayons and Ink tense pencils.  I have used metallic Shiva sticks on the petals and textile felt tips around each petal. 

15.  Bind or mount and hang as desired.


  1. This is amazing, so many different steps and mixed media used to produce this wonderful piece. And many of the resources you have used most creatives would already have in their stash
    Thanks so much for giving such detailed instruction, I am always fascinated to know how things of beauty are created.

    1. Thank you very much. I'm glad you found this tutorial useful :) Keep posted I have another 3 quilts coming in this series.

  2. I don't know where you come up with your ideas but I love them. Thank you for the tutorial


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