Thursday 7 August 2014

Art quilting: Working in a series

Floral series

Building a series of work is a wonderful way to work.  Concentrating on one idea, pushes you to think more deeply about work or to concentrate on a specific area of your work you would like to explore more.  

These four quilts are the beginning of a series of work which have strong connections with each other.  They work successfully because of repeated ideas, motifs  and techniques.  

 Using the same technique and stencil on each art quilt and changing the placements slightly of the stencils keeps the design simple and the focus on colour.  Exploring different colour ways on a series of work helps to find new ways of working in colour and explores new possibilities.   

Floral 1:  Green and blue, stamps and variegated thread.

Floral 2: Tan and green, paint and variegated thread

Floral 3: Red and orange, One colour thread and stamping 
home made stamps

Floral 4: Blue and purple, Variegated thread and printing materials. 

N.B These 2 pieces of work still need mounting

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