Monday 18 August 2014

No Internet !! No communication?

I have been quiet for the last week, not because of slackness but because we have run out of internet. (I am borrowing someone else's today to write this post). The joys of living in rural communities in New Zealand :)  So until we have our internet up and running on Thursday I'm not going to be able to post any more posts this week.  

It is amazing how much I rely on the internet on a daily basis for communication.  I hadn't realised how much until we didn't have any.  Communication is so important. Interacting with other people is the one of the fundamental parts of being human.  Technology has given us so many more options to communicate with. It is a wonderful tool but I think my favourite way to communicate still is to talk to someone face to face.  I love to chat with friends and to connect with them.  

Art is another form of communication that I love I love seeing people's faces when they look at art work and I love looking at other people's work to see what they are trying to communicate.  It is such an expressive form of communication. 

What does the quilt 'Caught reading" (above) communicate to you?

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