Friday 21 November 2014

A trip to the hospital

This week has been a very quiet week. I have been on forced bed rest after a rather nasty bout of vertigo.  Unfortunately this episode ended up in hospital on a drip after repeated vomiting with every movement. I haven't been able to view a computer screen for very long and even reading for the first couple of days was difficult. This has been a very challenging week for a girl who has such a busy brain.  I think these things happen sometimes just to make me rest.  

Making a list of what I have done and what I am grateful for when weeks like this happen, makes me feel better and helps me see the beautiful parts to an other wise rotten week.

What I have accomplished and what I am grateful for this week

  • Lots of beautiful sleep
  • Rest....plenty of it
  • Watching a few great movies
  • doing a little more on my daughters scrapbook
  • Talking
  • Cuddles with the cat
  • Cuddles with the kids
  • Quiet
  • Basic meals
  • The washing going into the machine and someone else hanging it
  • Supervising the studio build (we are almost ready to paint!!)
  • Sitting in the sunshine
  • Cuddling under blankets (its been a very mixed week of weather)
  • Not having to drive
  • Planting a few lettuces
  • Having visitors to chat with
  • Re defining what is actually important.
  • Being rather than doing
  • Peace
  • Hearing the birds and all the outside noises I miss when I am rushing around
  • Thinking
  • Processing information I have been given
  • Hugs
  • Prayers
  • Slowing down and smelling the roses

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely positive attitude, Hope you regain your balance real soon.
    Your studio is going to be a fabulous space.


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