Monday 10 November 2014

New art work

The scales fell from your eyes

This quilt has been made for the 
New Zealand quilting guild challenge 


Purple is a wonderful rich and beautiful colour with so many different hues and tones.  Purple is a colour I often associate with dragons so I made a dragons eye.

The scales fell from your eyes
30 cm x 30 cm
By Catherine Parkinson

I think the eye is the window to the soul. So much of a person can be seen through their eye.  Truth shines through your eye whether you want it too or not.  When the scales fall way everything becomes clear.

White cotton fabric painted with textile inks.  Machine quilted with polyester thread.  More colour added with oil paint sticks, coloured pencil, Inktense pencils and  crayons. 

The reflection in the dragons eye

A close up of the eye


  1. Oh how gorgeous and so life-like.
    Love the tree image in the reflection.

  2. Thank you so much for you lovely comment


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