Wednesday 12 November 2014

Progress on my art studio

2 1/2 week ago we started converting our garage into an art studio space for my work.  We have 2 garages one close to the house that is already lined and has 2 windows in it.  This is the garage that is going to be my space to work in.  

Work has been progressing nicely.  We have been very fortunate to have a bit of rain so my husband has been able to work at home for a couple of days. 

We are working on a very tight budget and so far it looks like we will be under the $5,000 budget we set thanks to some amazing blessings.  

All the insulation is in,  the door way cut and the floors have had their first grind and grout.  I am starting to see what it is going to look like and I am getting so excited.

The before picture

The insulation is in

The wiring is ready to go

The doorway is in (behind the machinery) 

The before picture of the concrete

The after picture.  
The beginning grind has been done on the floor and we have beautiful Waipa stone in the concrete !!!!! it looks beautiful

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