Tuesday 13 January 2015

How can you use a guide word to be creative?

So you have chosen your guide word.  But what  now?  How can it be part of your creative life?  How can it help you get in your studio space or creative zone each day?  What can you do with your guide word?

Your guide word for the year can be such a great way to be able to focus and to get into that creative space.  

So where do you start?

  1. Take you guide word and write down every thought, word or action that comes to your mind when you think of this word.
  2. Think of how this relates to your creative self
  3. Ask how your word can help push the boundaries when creating
  4. Set some challenges for your self in your creative journey this year.
  5. Then get someone else to brain storm with you. It is amazing how many new ideas that can be found with another brain or 2 to help.
My guide this year is 


When I first thought of my word I felt it would be very difficult to apply in my creative life and as an artist.  But after brainstorming my word and thinking about it from a creative angle I found so many ways that my guide word can be part of my creative life. 

I will

  • Be present at work each day.  I will turn up every day at work
  • Have my mind present on one thing at one time
  • To be present in soul and body
  • To have more of a presence of my signature in my art work so my work can be more recognised
  • To have a better and more efficient on line presence 
  • To have a professional presence in all areas of my creative work.  

See how easy it is!!   Those 6 ideas came after on 5 mins of thinking and pondering.  Can you imagine what other possibilities are possible with a little more work.  

What possibilities have you come up with?

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