Wednesday 28 January 2015

Try something new

It is so good to try something new regularly.   It is a great way to be able to find out if you  like another way of working and to also find out if you don't like doing something.  This process helps refine the way we work on other projects whether it be a traditional quilt, art quilting, felting or painting.  Experimenting with a new technique can help deepen your work and help you understand where you are going with it. 

I decided to try making a canvas. This is my first canvas I have ever finished.  I have really enjoyed the process of painting and building up layers of paint. 

He gathered them around him
12" x 16"
30 cm x 40 cm

Acrylic paints, metallic paints,  ink pen and gold pen on canvas.

What do I want to use from my new experience?

  • I want to paint on canvas again.  I really enjoyed using paint on a non-porous material
  • To use more metallics:  I love the extra dimension
  • To add gold to hair and clothing.
  • To try to use a fine black line around shapes:  I like the finished look of this.
  • To use writing more on my quilts.

What can you try new today?  

What have you learned today from you new experience? 

Let me know.

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