Friday 2 January 2015

Change your life: Start today

Change your life around: start today,  make it now,  don't put it off till tomorrow.

My last post was entitled  So how did your year go?  I have done my evaluation of the past year.  Now it is time to find out what 2015 is going to be.   I am going to action my year,  I am going to make changes and do it now !!!!  

Christine Kane has the real idea for successful goal setting.

 Read about it in her blog here

It is not writing hundreds of goals,  ideas and resolutions.  It is simply just one word to use as you touchstone for the year.  It is a very effective way of goal setting and moving forward.  I tried it last year and what a year it was.  For the first time in many year I achieved so many of my new year intentions

 I blogged about my progress here So how did your year go?

My word for this year is 


Probably the best person you could make this promise to! For more fitness inspiration and motivation, be sure to Like Tiffany Gaspie Fitness on Facebook (, and also visit

What is your word going to be?  

It is so easy to choose a word.  You will know when it is right as it will just feel like it fits.  I looked at a lot of different words and when I wrote presence down it just felt so right. 

Christine Kane has developed a discovery tool for your guide word It is a fantastic tool.  Click here to download your worksheet.  

Although this tool was really helpful I have found a few more things that have helped me hone in on my word.

  1. Check out the dictionary definition.  Use a dictionary at home or an on line one
  2. Write down all the synonyms(similar words) and antonyms (opposites) from a thesaurus.  This opened so many more possibilities for me.
  3. Because one of my goals I wanted for this year was to increase my spirituality I checked out the bible dictionary too. 
  4. Put your guide word in the search box of pinterest.  This created so many more ideas it just blew me away.  You could also add in a second word to help in specific areas of you life.  I.E.  Presence and business,  or presence and art. Doing this gave me some wonderful ideas for on line presence.
  5. Ask questions.  I.E.  How can I have more presence in my home?  How can I be a more powerful physical presence? or In what way can I have presence in absence? 
  6. Meditate.  Spend a quiet moment thinking and pondering your word.
  7. Google your word and see what comes up.  Some stuff won't be relevant but it is amazing what is.
  8. Look at quotes about your guide word.  The one that is going on my wall is this one.
Pella Hedeby - Stilinspiration

Pella Hedeby Stilinspiration

Simple but effective.

What ever your word or direction this year I hope this year will be a productive and great one for you.  
Happy New Year!!!

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