Wednesday 31 December 2014

So how did your year go?

It's that time of the year when I think about the year gone and my plans for the new one arriving.  I can't believe it is already the end of 2014.  It has gone so fast.  I have had an amazing year full of so much creativity,  love and most of all I embraced where I am, where I have been and where I am going.  I have grown so much. 

Last year for the first time instead of setting a list of goals I chose a guide word to live my year by.   

You might like to read my  blog from last New year  Goal setting with a twist to see the process I went through to choose my guide word.

The word I have used as my touchstone this year was.


I made an art quilt to remind me of my word.  I put this up in my studio so I had a daily reminder of my word. 

Read about how to make a word quilt here

This way of setting goals has been an amazing process. I have had more success this year than I have had any other year of goal setting. 

You can read about choosing a guide word for your self on Christine Kane's blog

She is an amazing woman and has an amazing blog.

Normally my year ends with so many unfulfilled goals and dreams and I spend the last few days of the year looking what I didn't do.  This year has been so different I am reflecting on what I have accomplished.  

The greatest learning was being able to accept what I can and cannot do or accomplish.  The peace that has come from this has been so amazing.

I have also learned to accept ........

  • That I can only do so much 
  • That my children can make their own choices
  • That  cannot make excuses for myself or others
  • That the sun keeps on rising every morning no matter what has happened that day
  • That I can learn one thing at a time
  • That priorities are made by me
  • That doing nothing is O.K.
  • And that we all have setbacks and it is O.K.

The #1 Reason Most People Fail - Money Saving Mom®

  • That I am perfect the way I am 
  • That everyone is on there own journey and have different ways of  doing that
  • That obstacles are part of the journey

Never let an obstacle change your desire to reach your goals. #quotes #motivation #inspiration

So I hear you asking these things are all great but what things did you do?  What did you tick off your to do list?  

You know what my to do list didn't really matter so much any more because my to be list became more important. I found the to do list just happened.  By focussing on the be the do became much easier. I accepted what a could do and did it.

This year I........
  • Finished every UFO (unfinished object) I had
  • Made 10 new pieces of work
  • Blogged almost every week
  • Created my web site
  • Exhibited for the first time  
  • Put a price on my work
  • Was creative in some way almost every day of the year.
  • Designed and made a new studio  which is such a wonderful and creative space.....many other things !!

I can't rave on enough about how wonderful it is to set goals this way.  What don't you try it to!!  I promise that choosing a guide word does not stop your goals form being completed it actually makes them easier to complete. Why don't you try this way of making goals for 2015?  

I will be posting my new word for this year in a couple of days.  Which word will yours be?


  1. Perhaps, I should have read this before choosing a word. Never having done it before, this year after a strong of health struggles and a near disaster in our home, as well as closets full of unfinished projects (usually not like me), the word 'focus' seemed to fit.

    I want to try to tame the bouncing thoughts in my head that propel me from one thing to another which nearly caused a fire in our home. The word invokes mindfulness and all it entails.
    I want to focus on the resources and projects at hand-- no resolutions though. I think as I focus more on the present and what's available to me the finishes will follow.

    This was a good post for me. I did follow your link to read about choosing a word.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I hope you word goes well and that you are feeling better. Focus was a word I looked at too as I get so easily distracted. :) Resolutions don't really work for me, I get too overwhelmed with too many things to think about. One word seems just so much easier. I am glad the post helped. I hope your journey goes well this year.


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