Tuesday 9 December 2014

My quilt art studio reveal!!

My studio is finished!!!!!!!   After 5 1/2 weeks of hard work it is completed.  It is looking amazing. 

Just a reminder of what it looked like before we started 

Post 7 -  All ready to to bring furniture and art supplies in

It has been a long process but one well worth the doing.  All good things take time and a studio is no exception.  I have been moving round the house all winter to accommodate my families needs so it is absolutely wonderful to have a permanent space  to work in.  
One thing I found very difficult was having to move my studio regularly, which cut into my work time, I also found it hard to cut myself off from the house noise and family happenings.  The new studio is outside the house in the garage which is accessed through the laundry door,  outside and down a few steps so it is cut off from the house.  So when I go to work I can leave the house and all of its happenings. 



Floor Plan of my quilt art studio.  The bedroom area will become a shop/gallery once the summer holidays are over.

Welcome to my new studio

The shop/gallery space which will be used as a bedroom until the end of the summer holidays

The units separating the areas

The corner cupboard.

Remember what it looked like before!!!

An amazing storage space !!! 

The french doors that replaced the garage doors.

The garage door before the renovations

Walk through the front area into my studio

My office space 

The cupboard which magically turns into my office.
A great find on Trade Me.  $27.00 plus a lick of paint.

The two units which separate the 2 spaces

Wall storage 

The door way into the other garage painted white,

A space on the wall to take photographs of my work

The art table complete with years of paint.  A brilliant surface to work on with no worries about getting paint on anything

A converted T.V. trolly for all of my paints and mixed mediums.  I love that it is on castors and can go any where

Long storage

A cosy nook for reading , handwork and an afternoon snooze.  The couch also folds down to a bed for guests.

The sewing and ironing station

Updated lighting with cool LED lights.

The gorgeous floor.  It is so easy to keep clean and tidy

Now I just need to get time in this busy season to get in there and to create some amazing master pieces and to hang some of my wok in my space.


  1. What a lovely big and versatile workspace you now have. I hope it proves to be everything you imagined........ Hours and hours of creativity. I hope you enjoy it to the full.

  2. I absolutely love my space. I feel so blessed to be able to work in such an amazing room.


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