Monday 1 December 2014

The studio is completed.

It has been all quiet on the blogging front now for almost a week. Our home has been in a mad rush preparing for my daughter to come home from Canada after being away for 18 months.  The rush was on to finish the studio so we had a place to put her bed and to move my studio stuff from inside the house to outside. We also had to sort out the house so my other daughter and her boy friend, who was coming home for the weekend from university, had somewhere to crash their weary heads.  So needless to say the last week has been hectic.  It has been 5 am mornings and 12 pm nights painting, cleaning and sorting.  BUT WE ARE NOW DONE!!!!!   

Read about our journey here and here 

It was so lovely to have all my family home for the weekend.  It has been so long since I have had them all home together.

Today's job is to sort the studio out so I can get back to work.  

Here is the studio before the curtains and all of my gear filled it all up again and little reminder of what it looked like before we started.


The concrete before


The after pictures.............

The corner cupboard will be a wardrobe for my daughter until she move on next year.  It will then become a storage cupboard for my many supplies.  

The lights are amazing.  I have put in cool LED lights which feel like you are working in daylight at night.  It is a great idea to put in lights that can be moved around to suit the furniture arrangement.  These lights swivel so they can go anywhere.

And the best thing of all was we did it all for
$4,000 NZD ($1,000 under budget) thanks to help from some great friends and lots of hard work. The floor has come up beautifully.  It was ground, dyed and polished by my very talented husband.  

I will post in the next few days the complete studio all furnished and beautified. 

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