Tuesday 16 December 2014

Share the gift

Christmas is a very important religious celebration for our family when we celebrate the birth of Christ. This time of the year can be so hectic especially in the southern hemisphere where we celebrate Christmas at the same time we finish school for the year and have our summer holidays.  So as well as Christmas events we have prizegivings, work events and preparations for the holidays. With all this going on I have been reflecting on the  real reason we celebrate Christmas,  sometimes the real reason get lost amongst the presents,  events and wrapping.  The real reason Christmas is celebrated is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.  He is my saviour and redeemer and I am am grateful for the sacrifice he made for me. This is the most special gift at Christmas.

This link takes you to a short video of the reason for the season what is the special gift of Christmas.  It is so beautiful.

This year I have made a commitment the share a gift to my family.  I am going to spend more time with my children over this season and not spend so much time rushing around.  I am going to focus on them because this is the most important thing I can do. 

What gift can you share?  
 How can you make this world a brighter and better place?

Maybe you could.....
  • Teach a child to sew
  • Make a home made present for someone
  • Read a Christmas story to a child 
  • Tell someone they look beautiful
  • Smile at someone
  • Be happy and not stressed
  • Donate time to a homeless shelter
  • Make someone Christmas dinner
  • Visit someone elderly
  • Sing carols
  • Pick up rubbish
  • Lollipop someone's letter box (only in countries where this is legal)
  • Send a thank you letter
  • Babysit for someone
  • Make some Christmas goodies to drop off at someone's house
  • Make a secret parcel for someone
  • Weed someone's garden or shovel someone's snow
  • Dance with a child
  • Write a note to someone you love and put it under a pillow or next to their dinner plate.
  • Do an act of service for someone you live with
  • Massage someone's shoulders or feet

I also want to share a beautiful rendition of Angels we have heard on high By the piano Guys and 2 friends.  It is absolutely beautiful

I challenge you to make someone's Christmas brighter and happier this year by sharing something of your self.  

Merry Christmas
Love Catherine xxxxx

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